Brockie Fabricating, Inc. - Metal welding and fabrication in Jackson, Michigan.
1027 Hurst Road
Jackson, MI 49201-8905
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About Us

Brockie Fabricating, Inc. has served diverse markets since 1987. We take pride in helping our clients with designing, engineering, and completing the products that meet their needs. From minor repairs to furniture, to developing new products for inventors, to the construction of machine base weldments, to completion of limited production runs, we provide the same focus and dedication to the principle that if we wouldn't be happy with it, we certainly can't expect that our customer will be.

Our customers range from walk-ins, to new inventors, to long established corporations.

Some of the many markets we serve include: automation, assembly, driving simulation, custom automotive components, computer chip testing, steel processing, composite molding, concrete casting, construction & excavating, machining, aerospace, HVAC, automotive testing, racing, medical engineering, metal stamping, bakery equipment, and ocean monitoring.

We strive to provide the best products and service possible for all customers, large or small. Some of our specialties include designing, prototype, small lot production, and custom fabrication and welding. While our capabilities include all types of welding, we excel at stainless steel and aluminum.

We can provide laser, water-jet and plasma cutting services combined with a 200 ton, 14 foot long press brake, shearing, sawing, drilling, milling, Mig, Tig, and spot welding. We also have polishing/buffing, powder coat and wet coat painting services close by.

If your project requires prompt, expert attention to detail, please allow us the opportunity to meet your needs.

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